URSB, Securing your rights through proper registration

Mr. Bemanya Twebaze, Registrar General, Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). (FILE PHOTO)

Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) joins the rest of the country in commemorating the International Women’s Day.

Ms Provia Nangobi, the Senior Public Relations Officer at URSB says the day should be used to encourage all women and girls to be aware of the opportunities that accrue after formalising their businesses however small. Ms Nangobi says its important for women, especially those disadvantaged  in the rural areas to register their businesses and marriages.

What are some of the benefits of registering your business?

1-          The business owner starts operating in a formal way so it contributes to negotiating power through trade unions, business associations among others

2-         The business owner can easily access finances for example loans from financial institution and grants or government funding that is free. This enables business growth and expansion

3-          A registered business can start trading (supplying goods and services) with Government and other large organisations

4-         A business that is registered can also trade and access larger markets beyond their local area for example in the EAC, in the COMESA among other large blocs

5-         A registered business is easy to brand and promote so that people easily identify with it and it becomes a household name

How you are helping the rural small scale businesses get registered?

  1. Uganda Registration Services Bureau has traversed the countryside and met many of the rural SMEs through the sensitisation events we have conducted in many district.
  2. During those sensitisations, most of the SMEs who are ready have registered immediately with us. Registration can be done in 3hours, others have taken the information with them so they would later register at an appropriate time
  3. We have also ensured the rural centers get information as required through local language write ups like flyers and posters, FM radios through talk shows and infomercials and through Television( for the 9% rural viewers- UCC February 2015)
  4. We have established registration desks in most of the municipalities across the country under the Government TREP (Tax Payer Registration Expansion Project) registration can be found in about 36 municipalities
  5. URSB has branch offices out of Kampala; Mbarara, Gulu,Arua and Mbale — these have complimented the work being done in Kampala at the head office and also the TREP desks. URSB intends to expand further and establish more of such offices so that no Ugandan walks a distance to access registration services.

Benefits Of Registering A Marriage

  1. A registered certificate of marriage is prima facie evidence of a marriage
  2. It is a safeguard for spousal benefits like pension, insurance claims and inheritance matters
  3. It is safeguard against bigamy or polyandry in case of monogamous marriages
  4. It is in compliance with the law

Types of marriages recognized registered in Uganda by URSB

  1. Civil marriages these are monogamous and are celebrated in the office of the Registrar General for residents of Kampala and in the office of the Chief Administrative Officers in other districts.
  2. Church marriages – these are monogamous and are celebrated in licensed churches according to the rites of the Christian faith
  3. Customary marriages – these are potentially polygamous and are celebrated in accordance with the customs of the African community
  4.  Islamic marriages – these are celebrated according to the rites and observance of the Islamic faith
  5. Hindu marriages – these are celebrated in accordance with the rites and observances of the Hindu faith



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