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Mwijukye joins ambulance donating MPs, delivers one to Buhweju

The Ambulance that Buhweju county MP Mwijukye donated to his constituency. PML Daily photo.

KAMPALA–Buhweju county MP Francis Mwijukye has just bought an ambulance for his constituency.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) legislator said that MPs performing roles of government is a sign of a crisis.

“MPs pass laws, discuss government policies and represent people’s views in the House. Legislators are not supposed to be buying Ambulances,” Mwijukye said, adding that government has never considered the Health sector as its first priority.

Mwijukye said government injects a lot money in buying military equipment and recruiting many people into Police force for regime survival.

“We come in as MPs because we can’t just sit and do nothing when our people are suffering. For instance in my district, the experience I have, many women die on their way to hospitals to deliver,” he revealed.

Mwijukye revealed that to use a district ambulance in his area, one has to part with Shs150,000, which is way to high for the ordinary citizens.

The situation is not any different elsewhere in the country. In urban areas like Kampala city, Mukono and Wakiso districts, MPs, like their counterparts in rural constituencies, buy ambulances.

Buhweju county MP Francis Mwijukye says MPs buying Ambulances is a sign of a country in crisis. File photo.

For instance, in Rubaga North Singh Katongole, the former MP bought an ambulance, in Mukono Municipality, MP Betty Nambooze also imported an Ambulance to serve her constituents.

Monica Amoding, the Woman MP for Kumi district, also donated two community ambulances to her electorates.

What happened to district ambulances?
Recently, KCCA bought five ambulances and distributed them to five divisions. One wonders why locals do not use such ambulances and instead prefer Ambulances bought by legislators.

But MP Amoding explained that the private ambulances are useful for the ordinary person who cannot afford the cost of the government ambulance at the health facilities.

Makindye East MP Ibrahim Kasozi argued that the public resorting to use of private Ambulances is a vote of no confidence in government.

Makindye East MP Ibrahim Kasozi says buying Ambulances has left some MPs wallowing in debt. File photo.

“I doubt whether we have a government in place. Such services are supposed to done by the State. Where do you expect a poor sick person to raise money to fuel a government Ambulance?” Kasozi asked.

Kasozi added that MPs use part of their income to buy ambulances, while others, especially those representing districts are forced to get loans from financial institutions to but the ambulances.

“By the end of the term, you find an MP swimming in endless debts. I ask government to be serious and focus on service delivery,” he said.

Some analysts argue that the best way to extend services nearer to the people is not to buy ambulances.

Nicholas Sengoba , a social critic, argued that the legislators should legislate and effect policies that increases funds allocated to health centres and hospitals.

Kumi district Woman MP Monica Amoding. File photo.

Dealers in Japanese vehicles including ambulances at Naguru bond told PML Daily that an average ambulance costs Shs60 million.

Health minister Ruth Aceng. File photo.



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