Kibuli SSS head teacher Mugagga vacates office amid sex scandal

Kibuli Secondary School head teacher Hajji Ali Mugagga is accused of preying on young girls. File photo.

KAMPALA – Kibuli Secondary School head teacher Hajji Ali Mugagga has handed over his office and proceeded on leave as authorities try to manage an expose of sex scandals that have rocked the experienced administrator.

Hajji Mugagga on Tuesday hastily handed over office to his deputy Hajjat Mastulah Nambajjwe Serugo, after an erstwhile investigator — Leonard Ronald Egesa published on social media, scintillating details of alleged sexual misdeeds of Hajji Mugagga with young girls — all his students.

In his Tuesday January 23, 2018, handover letter, Hajji Mugagga says he was proceeding on leave for 36 days, saying all activities, including admissions for S.1 and S.5 students will remain normal.

“… the school will resume as per the start of the term. We regret all the inconvenience that will be caused by this development,” the school management said in a Facebook message on its official page.

But Mr Egesa, who chose to publish results of his investigation on his Facebook page, saying authorities had failed to listen to his calls to discipline Mugagga and retire him in public interest says the ministry of education officials and the School’s Management board was forced to act and send the man on leave after he published his findings.

Mr. Egesa’s inquiry, which he says was conducted between August and November last year, accuses Mugagga of preying on his students, especially those from poor families.

“In some cases, I would not only interview the ‘child’ (majority of them are now women) alone, I would go an extra mile and interview the mothers, sisters and friends in order to corroborate the evidence and even get all dates clearly to match with those in the CDRs. The stories are chilling. I promised to protect the identity of the victims,” Mr Egesa says.

On Monday, Mr Egesa also wrote to the Minister of Education and Sports, First Lady Janet Museveni requesting her to intervene and clean up the sector of scandalous officials like Hajji Mugagga, saying the technocrats were in bed with the wrong fellows.

Mr Egesa says his investigation followed Hajji Muggaga back to his previous postings as headteacher at Gombe SS, and Lubiri SS, and promised he would expose more headteachers he was still investigating.

Residential home turned into guest house
According to the dossier, Mugagga pays school fees for his victims and immediately after completing studies, he marries some of them.

He is also accused of turning his residential house in Seeta, Mukono into a brothel, as he carries out his sex escapades especially with young girls.

The dossier indicates that the investigators took time to investigate Mugagga’s conduct, by talking to victims.

He is also accused of mismanaging school funds and failure to show accountability on some projects.

Joining others
The damaging allegations link Hajji Mugagga to a chain of school managers who have before been accused of abusing their students.

In May last year, the country was shocked when many girls paraded their kids, pointing at the late Prof Lawrence Mukiibi the founder of St. Lawrence Schools to be their father.

Some of the girls were his students, from secondary school and university.
Below are Mr. Egesa’s findings as published on his Facebook time line:

Towards the end of 2016, as I led my troops to battle the mafia that were out to steal Old Kampala SSS land, we were also pushing the Ministry of Education and Sports to remove the sitting Head teacher of the school. In the process, we received credible information that one of the people that were lobbying to come to our school and replace the embattled Headteacher was Hajj. Ali Mugagga Kasule, the current Headteacher of Kibuli Secondary School. As always, I sent out my men to conduct a background check on this man. They filed their findings with me, but the Ministry of Education and Sports poured cold water on this move of taking Mugagga to Old Kampala. I also shelved my findings because we had a much bigger battle to fight to save the land of Old Kampala SSS.

In May 2017, when Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi of St. Lawrence Schools and Colleges passed on and stories of his games with students, teachers and others turned him into a shame in death, I posted a few things about another man owning a degree mill in town and doing the same things. One parent was touched that she contacted me and shared the pain and agony inflicted on several girls and their mothers by Hajj. Mugagga. I restrained myself and decided to conduct a thorough investigation on this man. I also revisited the earlier findings that my men had given me. I felt that it would also be unfair to publish this partial information in the middle of the year when we still had to conclude the battle at Old Kampala. I shelved it for the third term holidays, when the parents can opt for other schools and the Ministry had no excuse not to interdict the man or transfer him to a boys only school(if at all it can tame him).

Armed with the findings of my men in January, I set out to pick the key characters for interrogation and corroboration of evidence. I identified all the key characters and got the CDRs of their mobile phone numbers using ‘legal’ means. The numbers of Hajj. Mugagga featured prominently in these CDRs. With the help of my men in the UB40, I moved from there to now chronicle the story of each, totalling to 18 in number. In some cases, I would not only interview the ‘child’ (majority of them are now women) alone, I would go an extra mile and interview the mothers, sisters and friends in order to corroborate the evidence and even get all dates clearly to match with those in the CDRs. The stories are chilling. I promised to protect the identity of the victims and I will stick to it.

I went back to Hajj. Mugagga’s time in Gombe SS and managed to get victims from as far back as 2005. I interviewed his former staff at Gombe SS, Lubiri SS and Kibuli SS. It is shocking that all the people interviewed were surprised that we are thinking that this is ‘news’. They called this Hajj’s well known public secret. All the people interviewed from Gombe S.S started their stories by narrating how Hajj started an affair with a Senior Five girl that later graduated into one of his ‘official’ wives. We infiltrated the social network of this lady and were able to use her friends to extract information from her. She confirmed that she started the affair with the head teacher when she was still a minor.

What stands out in all the cases is that Hajj. exploits the beautiful girls that come from poor backgrounds. He even gloats over them that exposing him will spoil ‘his name’ and jeopardise their chances of partaking in his wealth that could transform their lives and those of their mothers. I followed up about 5 stories that are recent (in the last 5 years) and discovered that the home of his late wife in Seeta had become a brothel of sorts. I used some of the girls (Mugagga’s concubines) that stayed in that home under the guise of getting a conducive learning environment that they could not get from their poverty-ridden homes to collect ‘hard’ evidence from that home/brothel. With the successful seizure of such ‘hard’ evidence, I knew that the investigations had reached a major milestone and we were edging closer to publication.

My ardent followers will recall that in August 2017, I submitted to the Auditor General a Request for Information in the form of Audited reports for 6 years of some schools namely; Lubiri Secondary School, Kololo Secondary School, Kibuli Secondary School, Makerere College School, Nabumali High School, Mbale Secondary School. Each school on that list was headed by a person of interest (PoI) in our investigations into the rot in the Education Sector within the period (2012-2017). The incusion of both Lubiri SS and Kibuli SS in that list was targeting Mugagga. For those familiar with investigations, you will know that a crime occurs because the criminal has a motive, is presented with an opportunity and can rationalise their actions. In digging up the financial reports and investigating the financial (mis)management of these schools, we were trying to answer the questions around opportunity and rationalisation.

When we studied the Audited reports of Lubiri SS for 2013, 2014 and that of Kibuli SS for 2015 and corroborated with the actual intelligence gathered from the schools about Hajj’s financial mismanagement, we were able to see that the weak and compromised Governance structures in these schools presented him an opportunity and the corrupt auditors from the Office of the Auditor General presented him with the best way of rationalising his actions because they fell short of upholding their professional standards. The three ingredients of a conducive environment for commiting crime have always existed for Hajj. Mugagga to continue with his behaviour.

He has particularly been using netball and other sports as his ‘hunting’ grounds. In some of the recordings we were able to obtain from him (courtesy of his recent targets that recorded him secretly), he warns the netballers not to get close to some of the male netball coaches who he knows to be having similar habits. Some of the female teachers in charge of sports in the schools where he has been have not been spared either. We set up one of the girls to record stories from two of these ladies who know Hajj’s exploits too well and can easily tell when he has enrolled a new victim from amongst the girls. As expected, they also try to discourage the girls in order to reduce the competition for the ‘rich’ man to whom they are also attached and directly benefit.

Out of the 18 victims that we interacted with in the course of this investigation, five broke down and confessed to having been given money by Hajj. to abort the pregnancies they had got while still minors in school. We were able to collect and make recordings of 2,347 minutes while interrogating the victims in these five cases. In the middle of the recordings, some of the girls and mothers break down and our interviewers do some counseling. The stories are so terrible that some of the emotional interviewers had to be excused from some sessions to avoid premature publication of our information. Images of all the digital evidence are also in safe custody within some of the secure premises of Uganda Police.

We completed our investigations by November 2017 and then hatched a plan of action. With the corrupt and dysfunctional criminal justice system in the country, we set out to first ensure that the man is taken away from schools that bring him into interraction with under-age/minor girls. We knew that one of the recent cases was already with the Board of Governors and was being followed up by the aides of Prince Nakibinge. We decided to give them a benefit of the doubt in handling this matter because we believed that the Prince can not condone such behaviour. We expected that Hajj. Mugagga would be moved in the transfer exercise of January to a boys only school or retired in public interest altogether, but we later learnt that the Members of the Board of Governors had decided to ‘own’ up Hajj. Mugagga’s misdeeds and buy off the complainants. They all stupidly believed that since the most vocal complainants had aborted the pregnancies, there is no serious evidence to pin Hajj. Mugagga.

We have placed the ball squarely at the feet of the technocrats in the Ministry of Education and Sports. We would like to see what they will do, as we quietly move on with plan B. It is the duty of the Ministry to ensure that schools are not run by paedophiles and sexual offenders. The Education Service Commission that is supposed to discipline teachers/Education Officers is chaired by one of Mugagga’s God fathers, mentor and business partner. The wife to this God father of Mugagga is his former boss at Nabisunsa Girls’s School( she was the Headteacher and Mugagga was her deputy). She is also now occupying a big ‘office’ as Vice Chair at the ‘Independent’ Electoral Commission. While these facts make it seem impossible to bring Mugagga to justice, our UB40 team is a little more sophisticated, ruthless and thorough.

We are right at stage one of our exposure of the man. We are dropping the bombshell to let the country know of this poorly kept secret of our Education system. As a man who foolishly believes that every human being has a price and money can solve all problems, we expect him to make certain moves in that direction, which shall trigger stage two, in which we are going to tighten the noose around him. We are working closely with patriots within the security services to provide security to some of the vulnerable victims whose lives could be in danger.

It is rather not shocking that some of the victims were hostile to our investigators. Such victims considered themselves lucky to have been used by a rich famous man. They believed that it was a fair trade off. He would use them in exchange for educational support at High School and University. This is how low the moral fabric of our society has sunk.

With the editors at most of the traditional media houses jumping in bed with the offenders and killing stories about them for money, the UB40 Leadership has opted to conduct thorough investigations and publish through new media (Social Media).




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