Weasel forcing me to work with Bryan White – Chagga

Weasel with Bryan White

The manager of the Goodlyfe Crew, Geoffrey Kyagambidwa, aka, Chagga, has claimed that he is being forced to work with socialite Bryan White by his client, Weasel.

Chagga says Bryan is misleading Weasel because he no longer goes for shows where he has been booked but always follows the socialite around.

This contradicts his earlier statement in which he claimed to have reconciled with Bryan following an earlier breakup.
Recently, Chagga released a statement claiming Goodlyfe Crew had cut ties with the socialite and apologised for disrespecting Weasel. However, he later appeared shaking hands with Byran and said they are now on the same footing.

But in a latest rant, Chagga says the socialite is killing his artiste’s career. Weasel is set to miss shows in Malaba and Busia after Bryan allegedly told him he has to go with him to State House.


The Goodlyfe manager accuses Weazel of being money minded, unlike the late Mowzey Radio, who always gave priority to his music career.

Weasel performed for the first time since the death of his music partner Radio at Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara last Saturday as Bryan launched his foundation.
He is also set to perform in the UK, Dubai, among other countries.



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