Pr. Bugingo woes not to end soon as his multi-million house to new wife shocks flock

Pr. Bugingo’s new house that sits on 10 acres of land and it’s situated in Nakedde village, Namayumba sub county, Wakiso District. (PHOTO/BUKEDDE)

KAMPALA – The cold war between House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his wife Teddy Naluswa  has taken a controversial shape, attracting all sorts of attention after photos of a multi-million house went viral.

The preacher has proved that what he feels for his mistress Susan Makula Nantaba is more than serious. Pr. Bugingo’s multi-million mansion has shocked his flock.

The yet to be completed mammoth storied house sits on 10 acres of land and it’s situated in Nakedde village, Namayumba sub county, Wakiso District.

“One is better off leaving a house without peace. I can assure you that wherever you will go, you can always build another one,” Pr. Bugingo recently told his followers in a televised church session.

A one Henry Chemba [facebook names] has said that instead of pestering money from his followers in the name of building a Church, Pr. Pr. Bugingo should have diverted the billions of cash he used to build his two posh houses (for Teddy and Makula) to set up a House of God.

“Was the money Pr. Bugingo used to build two Posh Houses not enough to build a church? I think even this new house he is building for the side chic is enough for a church. But till now the followers are still fundraising for the church. I am smelling chemistry here,” said Chemba.

Henrietta Okwaks Blessed said, “His flock are blind, dumb and deaf.”

A one Kaweesa Kaweesa said, “Don’t blame the money making pastor, blame the stupid followers who keep going there.”

Uwera Donna inquired, “How much does he earn monthly? They have just completed the payment of Canan land on the sometime building a mansion??? Banange kyewunyisa…..who is going to enter Heaven….?”

Pr. Bugingo started dating Makula way back in 2016 despite being a married man.

“I have been with Pr. Bugingo for 29 years now but our marriage hit a snag in 2016 when he started cheating on me with several women. In 2017 he started to spend nights outside our matrimonial home and in a week, he could spend only one day with his family. When I tried to sit him down over his wrong doing, he blackmailed me by threatening to tell the Church members that my daughter and I wanted to steal Canaan land which was not true,” Teddy said in an interview early this week.

In 2018 he decided to leave his matrimonial home in Kitende, along Entebbe Road to stay with Makula in a rented apartment in Lungujja, Rubaga.

“He is planning to a wed one of his employees [Susan Makula] and currently they stay together in Lungujja. He is also building for her a house in Wakiso where they will live after their wedding,” revealed Teddy.

Last Sunday during a church service, Pr. Bugingo told his followers that his wife and daughter Doreen Pr. Bugingo were trying to steal a piece of land that belongs to his Church. He also alleged that Teddy wanted to kill him.

“My wife was for long uncomfortable with me for declaring a full accountability during the Bat Valley Fundraising that resulted into the raising of USD5 million which we used to buy the Canaan land. She even stopped coming to Canaan to preach the word of God as a way of protesting the inclusion of Pastor Francis Mutawe and other HPMI actors in the company documents under which the ministry was incorporated,” he said.

“I will apologise to you Church, I had initially fallen in the same trap back then when I registered the ministry in my name and that of my wife and child like how other city pastors do but I changed and added more people because this is God’s work and not mine as a person. My wife and daughter wanted me remove all the rest except themselves and they even wanted more shares than myself.”

Teddy has since denied the allegations saying Pr. Bugingo is just tarnishing her name because she refused to sign divorce papers.



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