Embrace opportunities! Banyoro urged at 25th Bunyoro-Kitara Anniversary dinner

The Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kingdom, Omuhirwa – Omuny. Andrew Byakutaga addressing the guests at Serena Hotel, Kampala(PHOTO/ Abraham Mutalyebwa)

KAMPALA – The Bunyoro – Kitara Kingdom has held a silver Jubilee dinner at Serena Hotel, Kampala for the Bunyoro community living in Kampala as part the anniversary to celebrate the “Oruhangaaro” for His Royal Majesty. Omukama, Dr.Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I

The Omukama of Bunyoro was coronated in 1994 after cultural institutions were restored by president Museveni in 1994 subsequent to their abolition in the 1966 constitution.

As everyone sauntered in, they were ushered in by melodic cultural sounds from Heritage Roots and captivating with songs such as, ” Kati tira,” Nimaro” ,Anjolina”, “Twala Amata gange” and brought the real feeling we had in the hey-days when culture and norms was the in -thing as compared to this modern and digital era

Omuny. Apollo Rwamporo, Chairperson organising committee said:

“The Katikiro gave us the opportunity to organise this event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of His Royal Majesty Omukama. Dr. Solomon Gafabusa to enable us to mingle and interact with each other, I thank my team that has been able to pull off this occasion in such a very short time”.

Artist Nasuru Napagi who is part of Armour Business Solutions doing a souvenir piece for His Royal Majesty, Omukama Dr. Solomon Gafabusa Iguru 1 at Serena Hotel, Kampala. (PHOTO/Abraham)

He further added;

“We have also cultural books that have been written to conserve our culture through the pen & ink, and I urge you all to buy your families to read and stay in our roots”.

“Bunyoro region is going to be one of the best places in Uganda, and with the discovery of the oil, a lot is yet to come, I have been a friend of Bunyoro since the reign of Omukama Winyi and am let’s conserve our forests in Budongo and Bugoma as they were back then,” said Mr. Patel Praful, Proprietor of Budongo Saw Mills.
He added ;

The guests that turned up to Grace the auspicious anniversary for the Bunyoro community living in Kampala and its metropolitan. (PHOTO/Abraham)

“I have been all over the world and our timber is the best on the international market.

Omuny. Andrew Byakutaga Ateenyi, Prime Minister (Omuhirwa) on behalf of the Omukama called upon Banyoro living in Kampala and it’s metropolitan to always come together, conserve the culture, educate their children, consolidate marriages and those that haven’t to made their vows to do so and encouraged them to always get back to their roots as a way of bringing back development of the Kingdom and he also revealed some of the strategic plans that will revive the lost glory of Bunyoro.

Heritage Roots entertaining the guests at Kampala Serena Hotel (PHOTO/ Abraham Mutalyebwa)

He further tasked them to mobilise their colleagues and attend the Oruhangaaro that will take place on June 11, in Hoima District which will be graced by President Museveni.

The blissful event ascended on a high notch with performances from David King, Kalisa, Abwooki and Easy B who enlivened the night.

It attracted investors from the region such as, Hoima Sugar Bunyoro, legislators, diplomats, government officials, corporates, friends of Bunyoro – Kitara and attracted sponsors that included; Kampala Serena Hotel, Balaam Marketing Agency, Bill Brain Technologies and the Bunyoro- Kitara Kingdom.



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