Musician Master Parrot vows to revive lost glory

Master Parrot has vowed to reclaim past glory. Photo by Paul Ibanda.

Following his disappearance from scene in the industry for a couple of years, the one- time hit maker Master Parrot real names David Sifaayo believes to be born lucky after going silent but still being remembered in the historical books of dance hall genres in our local industry. Born in the early 1980’s to Jackie Byange Bwirira and Josephine Nakayiza, Parrot grew up in the down towns of Makerere- kivulu but always bonded and chilled up in the Ghettos of Kamwokya thus befriending the Ghetto president Bobi Wine at an early age. He went through Kampala P/S, present day Aga Khan P/S, Kintante for secondary and finally Makerere University where he was awarded a diploma in MDD.

What went wrong musically?
Honestly when am told to describe the bad side of our industry, I would take more hours than spent when examining the good part of it. Generally it encompasses envy, jealousy, haters, bad mind people with selfish interests/
But when I started music back in the days of High school, much was expected either in the short or long run terms.

However, few of my dreams became true. I dropped hit songs that introduced me to the sight of the majority and also got an open luck to break through. The then songs I released included: Ekikompola, kikiri kika among others.

At this time, Parrot was still in Fire Base and notably, he is one of the founders of Fire Base crew. However, when divergency in mission and opinion emerged, he quitted to join Leone Island. While in Leone Island, he recorded songs like Kaleke kasoma, a song in which Dr. Chameleone feature, Mbiligo, kelementina among others.

Late 2008, he quitted and went sole and in 2009 Parrot formed his own crew named Spear Dem crew but this too didn’t work beyond his expectations. Since then he has dropped many songs including Muliro muliro, maama w’abaana among others. To the worst of it all, at this time the wife divorced after parrot failed to make the two ends meet. This situation pissed off him and was left with no option apart from boozing and engaging into other selfish activities. So that is how Parrot silently found himself off fame.

How have you planned for 2018 musically?
Truly, 2018 has to be the turning point in my career. I want back my lost fame I had back in the early 2000s. I have well scheduled for it and I believe it is yet another turn to lead the game lyrically. I have finished recording my latest Album I have named Wakyuusa, which is a gospel song, with other secular songs like Anataliya and others. It has 13 songs which I believe will have an impact in the industry. I have done strategies for this album as one way of ensuring that the worse get better musically. So am on a rightful mission this 2018.

You quit Fire Base and once called Bobi Wine a witch. But then you are always spotted in Kamwokya at Fire Base. Why?
Assuming you were a student somewhere and you happen to be expelled or change the school peacefully; do you abandon, hate and forget all the O.Bs and O.Gs? So similarly this is what happens. I was there and it is very true but friendship still exists. So I have friends at hand. I have a song with Mickie Wine; Eddy Yawe is also mastering my songs. Everything is done in Kamwokya at Dreams. Now how can say that I called Bobi Wine a witch and if this has ever happened am too sorry for that. However it was propaganda that circulated around.

You were good at emptying beer bottles. Are you still a front bencher?
Noooo. Actually it is one of the habits that have been destroying my career but am now re-born in all kinds of social living. So 2018 is different. I am Master Parrot re-loaded in style, fashion and talent.



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