I dated Irene Ntale in high school, says Daxx Kartel

Daxx Kartel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass communication from Kampala University. Photo by Paul Ibanda.

Daxx Kartel, real name Sulaiman Ssebunya, is the singer behind ‘Bamuzaala mu bbaala’ hit, a song that nearly become an Anthem across different audiences. Born in Masajja along Busabala road in Wakiso, DaxxKartel is a mass communication graduate. He had a chat with PML Daily’s PAUL IBANDA about music, business and love.

You look drunk, are you?
Am sober 24/7 and I don’t drink Alcohol. Am a Muslim.

And why do you sound like a drunkard?
That’s my natural accent. And it is one of the features that make up Daxx Kartel. My accent makes me stand out of the crowd.

Media reports have it that you change women like clothes. Is it true?
Not really that’s wolokoso and propaganda

Ever been in a relationship?

Are you looking forward to seeing some one?
At the moment I am not. I am still single and not searching. I am just focusing on my future and I have put everything else on hold.

Would you turn down a financially stable sugar mummy ready to contribute towards your future?
I personally don’t believe in being wooed by sugar mummies. It is a man to show interest in a lady and not vise-versa. So to preserve my respect as a man, I pray to God that this misfortune never happens.

Now that you are single and happy, whom do you live with?
I live with some of my team members like Shim Dropa, my manager, among others.

Keeping other factors constant, tell us why you are not married?
Truly many Ugandans think that the moment you reach 18 years, marriage becomes the alternative which is a wrong perception and direction. Personally I have issues I want to first solve before seeing someone. Before looking after a wife I decided to first pay back to parents. They paid for my school fees up to university so I feel ashamed of injecting the little I get into girls.

Daxx Kartel hails from a Muslim family and says he is a teetotaller. 

So when do you expect to own a family?
It is quite difficult to anticipate but Allah will determine when, who and how, among other factors.

What qualities would you consider besides Allah’s plan?
Definitely I want someone who is educated, loving and caring. That person should be from a known family back ground to avoid incest.

For how long should lovers date?
Minimum one year. Because dating does not only mean being positive but also involves HIV testing, knowing ones dos and don’ts, among others.

What would you do if your spouse brought home children she had with another man?
And this partly explains why I am still single and not searching. This is because I am not ready to take over other people’s responsibilities in any form as early as this. I am not ready to over burden myself by marrying second hand ladies.

And who says we still have first-hand ladies in this dot com era?
Truly it is difficult to find one but I rather get one who lost her virginity in secondary but problematic free than getting a used and dumped lady stranded with children and all social misfits. I have never thought of having a babies’ home.

Is it true that Sheeba and Irene collaborated in lwaki otubatisanya track to provoke you after using them all?
Actually this song brought total confusion among fans. But honestly Irene Ntale was my fierce during high school. However, it is believed that man is living in a changing society so when time for change came I had to obey it and this was when I recorded the self-service song with Sheeba, a song that paved my way towards adopting change. Generally it was like that.

Assuming you were not successful musically, where would you be now?
In the first place I don’t sing because I am an academic failure. I have my academic papers. So I would be somewhere in the media practicing my profession. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mass communication from Kampala University.

And what is your favourite dish?
Matooke and fish

Why do you dress like that?
It is my identity and it is one thing that makes me stand out of the crowd.

What is the meaning of your stage names?
Yeah! Firstly DaxxKartelcomes from Latinwords. And Daxx stands for Dreams and experience whereas Kartel stands for team work. So when you join the two DaxxKartel means Dreams and experience explains Team work.

Your dream car?

Your favourite color?
Red, purple, and white.



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