I am okay with being a single mother, says Hajati Madinah

Madinah Kansiime popularly known by her stage name Hajati Madinah ‘Bibuuza’ is the singer behind the hit song Bibuuza, a love ballad that introduced her to a wide audience in the industry. Unfortunately, all is not rosy for the mother of one who, besides the music drought, is battling Diabetes. PML Daily’s PAUL IBANDA brings you the once budding artiste’s story.

Hajati Madinah Kansiime aka Bibuuza. Photo by Paul Ibanda.

Would you please brief us about yourself?
Majority of my fans know me by the stage name but I am Madinah Kansiime, a single mother of one boy. I was born in Rakai district. I am a musician in Revival Band of Pastor Augustine Yiga. I am popularly referred to by my hit song title Bibuuza because it is the song that brought me to the lime light. Academically, I did not go beyond O’ Level due to the financial hardships in the family.

Have you ever been to Mecca to qualify for the title ‘Hajati’?
NO. I have never been there but in Islam, if your mother went to any of the Holy places and gives birth from there; automatically the new baby born qualifies to be a Hajati, for a baby girl and Haji for a baby boy. It is what happened to me. I was born in Mecca, when my mother had gone for pilgrim. It is not a musical but a religious title.

You are always spotted in church at Kawaala. Where do you belong, Church or Mosque?
You are right but mind you, going to church does not disassociate me from Islam. I am a staunch Muslim who prays five times a day and I also attend my Juma prayers at Old Kampala Mosque. I don’t go to Pastor Yiga’s church for prayers and am not a church member there. I am a mere member of his musical group Revival Band. So, sometimes you see me in church when I have gone purposely for music business, updates, practice or performing at church. I will die a Muslim.

And what went wrong between you and former Band leader Nabbi Omukazi (Maggie Kayima)?
And who is Nabbi? Why do you misuse holy titles to hypocrites? Secondly, she has never been my leader in Revival Band. However, nothing big happened but I personally feel secure ever since I stopped dealing with her.
After discovering that she was not a good friend to live with, I quit Revival Band to join Kream production. When she left, I saw no reason for not going back because the venomous counterpart was no more. Nothing beyond that unless if she personally has more to put forward.

Media has it that your enmity with Nabbi Omukazi has its roots traced from Yiga’s love life. True or false?
It is not true and not false but a definite fairytale. I have never wished to be pastor’s wife but he is my right hand person in almost all circumstances in terms of providing necessities and shelter, among others.

Hajati Madinah Kansiime aka Bibuuza wears a smile despite the challenging times. Photo by Paul Ibanda.

Take us through your music career.
My music career is traced as far back as in late 1990s when I joined the industry as a karaoke girl. I used to dance on promotions around Kampala and that is how I managed to expose my talent. In the year 2000, I joined Bebe Cool’s Gagamel as a backup singer. This propelled my music journey. I later quit Gagamel for Revival Band, where I recorded my very first song titled Bibuuza. Later on, I dropped one collaboration with Eddy Yawe, followed by many songs like Address, Kumbuka, Sekamuli, Yambiyambi. Currently I have a new song with its video out. It is called ‘Togikwatako’. Generally, I am on the move to get back on the past glory and fame this coming year (2018).

Which strategies to you have in store that will transform you musically?
The strategies have been spearheaded by the management. And everything is now perfect to extent that I am done with doing Audios and videos. So next year, I will be releasing song after song. Other strategies are too sensitive and to avoid information hackers, I will not air them out. Just wait for that moment to come.

Last year you were admitted in hospital. Currently, how is the situation?
I feel some positive change as compared to the past conditions that had placed my family, relatives and friends in dismal and muted moods. I was admitted after suffering blood pressure and diabetes. However, I thank whoever stood by me during that period and special thanks goes to the media, Bebecool, Maama Phina and Pastor Yiga.
I have not yet fully perfected. I still feel excessive body weakness and am still on treatment.

Any regrets as far as your musical journey is concerned?
Honestly, when I quit revival to Kream production, little did I know that I was digging my own grave musically. The terms and conditions I found there were unfavorable and that explains why I have not obtained another hit song equivalent to Bibuuza. I had nice songs but the means of promotion were dictated around by the Band leader thus disowning others opportunity to promote their music. By the time I knew of it, it was too late and it was around this same period when I fell sick. To my fans, I will persistently uphold my talent no matter the health situation.

Lastly, now that you are single, how do you handle men who hit after you?
Simple and clear. “I am not interested is the answer I give them”. I am inventing means of taking my music career to the most desirable level I want it to be and not to find solutions to my love life. I am very stable and satisfied in this single life. So men give a break.



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