Dangelo Busuulwa speaks out on juggling music, farming and business

Musician Dangelo Busulwa. The OmwakaGuno singer juggles music, business and farming. Photo by Paul Ibanda.

Dangelo Busuulwa is a Uganda gospel musician, a farmer and businessman. The 33-year-old says he will juggle the three trades until death. PAUL IBANDA talked to him about life and how he manages to handle the trio successfully.

Express yourself in a few sentences

Oh yes, I was born in 1984 to Resty Busuulwa and the late Charles Busuulwa in Nalusuga, Gayaza in Wakiso district. I studied at St. TherezaGayaza P/S, Our Lady of Good CounselGayaza for O’Level, Mulama SS Kapeeka for A’Level and Aptech multi-media university for an Advanced degree in the year 2007. Today, am doing music, business and farming. I am a resident of Kyanja in Kampala and I am married.

Can you express yourself musically?
I started in 2008 with a single titled Imanayangye followed by Anyonyogela. In 2011, I recorded my third song dubbed OmwakaGuno. It nearly became an anthem on majority of people’s mouth. It introduced me to a fan base I never imagined. The song won me different awards including Best new Artiste, Olive Awards and Best single, among others. Since then, I have dropped many hit songs. Among them include Nzinirayesu, omuliro, Sente, Akuzaalira, wanjagalakoki among others.

TheOmwakaGuno singer also deals in cars, Photo by Paul Ibanda.

How is your car business fairing?
I own a car trading business with its bond located on Nakasero Road opposite international organisation of Migration (IOM). It was started in 2009. I got the idea from friends at the university who were reaping big from the same business. So they influenced me to join. When I was engaging in the business, i started as a car blocker.
I survived on commissions and saved part of it. Ploughing back my past savings, I purchased a second hand starlet at Shs4 m and sold it at Shs6.2 m. That is how I started the car business and today it has grown into a multi- million venture.

Busuulwa deals in Japanese cars and London cars like Range rovers. He has sold many to local celebrities like Joy Tendo, Judith Babirye’s TX Prado, pastor Bugembe’s vans in charge of his charity works and Ray signature, among others.

How about Busuulwa, the farmer?
Many people recognize me as an artiste or a businessman, not knowing that I am also an Agriculturalist. I own about 40 Acres covering different plantations ie Eucalyptus, Pine of south African origin, Banana plantation, Passion fruits, animal paddocks, sugar cane and coffee. He has also purchased 10 acres of land in Bulemezi-Luwero district targeting to establish piggery.

Dangelo Busulwa attends to his garden. Photo by Paul Ibanda.

Which advise do you give to musicians who fail to plan for their future?
Musicians fail to know that no one makes their fame, neither was it in their plans to become famous. They should also stop focusing or judging their rival’s wellbeing. That is how musicians are misguided.They engage in luxurious lifestyles and end up in deficits that drive them off the fame. So we have to change the way we live.

Now that you are in a relationship, would you terminate it because of a pastor’s vision that ‘you are not meant to be’?
Ha ha ha my friend, vision sometimes are true or false. But personally, I believe God speaks to us all.

We once heard that you were in love with Judith Babirye. True or false?
False and it was propaganda. Babirye is my boss in her ministry. All the photos that circulated were stage managed. This cannot be.



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