Why Moze Radio attacked Eddy Sendi at Laftaz lounge

Moze Radio accused Sendi of reaping from the sweat of musicians. File photo.


Moze Radio is still the talk of the town following his attack on Edward Ssendikadiwa aka Eddy Sendi at the SaveUGMusic meeting held last Thursday at Centenary Park, Laftaz Lounge, in Kampala

As music critic was addressing artistes, Moze Radio stood up, grabbed a mineral water bottle and violently hurled the bottle right before Sendi who was looking all scared at this time. He had every reason to get scared as it happened to fellow show host, Kasuku of Dembe FM.

Moze Radio hijacked the moment by booing and heckling Sendi with claims that he is part of the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) team that is troubling artistes.

He then forcefully grabbed the microphone from Sendi who was at the time urging all artistes to join UPRS now that it’s existence is legal and the only way they can fight it is when they join UPRS in large numbers and be able to influence their business.

However, singer Moze told all muscians’ representatives that they are not willing to be under the control or influence of outdated musicians. He further added that today, music is very expensive and he will not allow people like Sendi, James wasula, Moses Matovu to reap from their sweat.




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