Muzaata warns comedian Mariachi over Islam


KIBULI–Comedian Mariachi is in hot soup following his recent jokes that have since caused an uproar among the Muslim community.

Muslims have accused him of ridiculing their faith and committing blasphemy through his jokes and have since demanded an apology from the comedian.

The warning was issued Sunday by the spokesperson of the Kibuli-based Muslim faction Sheikh Nuhu Mazaata.

Speaking to hundreds of faithful that had turned up for the celebrations to mark the return of Prince Nuhu Mbogo Kyabasinga from exile 122 years ago Muzaata issued a stern warning to Mariachi, saying the comedian will “pay heavily for joking with Islam.”

“Today’s Muslims, you have started to amuse me. How can a boy, I hear he’s called Mariachi… how can he insult you to that extent and you remain unbothered?” Muzaata told the congregation.

“Mariachi, unless you are fleeing to another country or unless you’ve beefed up your security but I we will deal with you accordingly. Even if I were to be taken to police, I would still stand by what I’ve said. When it comes to Islam, I’ll protect it with my all.”

He further added that Muslims are not against Mariachi making money through his comedy but they are against him ridiculing Islam.

Mariachi, during one of his recent performances, joked about the Islamic faith together with it’s eating habits and dress code.

“Mariachi is provoking Muslims but trust me, he’ll get all that he is looking for,” Muzaata said.



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