First Daughter Natasha to publish a book


There were 27 guns and 40 men. That was on February 6 1981, when a group of ragtag young men launched an attack on Kabamba Military Barracks in Masindi in what became the start of the NRA ‘liberation’ war.

Natasha Kainembabazi was aged just five then. Now she is 40 and has another name to herself: Karugire. And with these, she is adding a book under her name that is expected to be released soon.

Although detail of the book, titled 27 Guns, have remained a closely guarded secret, the copyright law had to bring it all out when the Uganda Registration Services Bureau advertised the subject as part of the process of seeking no objection to patenting of the literary title.

In a May 16 publication, the bureau said: “Take note that Natasha M. Karugire, of P O Box 6951, Kampala, has lodged a copyright application with the registrar of copyright for the registration of 27 Guns, a literary work.”

Signed by the assistant registrar of copyrights, Sylvia Bahizi, the notice gives 60 days within which anyone can file an objection to Natasha’ choice of book title.

The First Daughter is known for venturing into different territories, from running a fashion house (House of Kaine) in the 90s to a film production house, ‘Isaiah 60,’ and even running a Pentecostal church.

With her parents having long got their names into the authors’ bibliography, it is understandable that Natasha had to join the club. However, with the secret to her book proving a nut that would take Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon to break, speculation remains that Natasha’s book is woven around a religious theme given that she was only a toddler when the NRA revolutionaries fired the first shot.

But then again, religious works have not been known to register in the thick of Uganda; works about political journey of the country have.

We are out and about in hunt for Natasha’s thematic concerns in 27 Guns.



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