Fabiola says ‘too busy’ to give NTV Second Chance 100%

Remember NTV’s controversial programme Be My Date? Well many only remember the presenter, Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa. And for those who had followed the annoyingly seductive socialite to telenovela replica, Second Chance, she will no longer be that Angela Donoso, the daughter to Don Pedro José Donoso. She is out of the production.
Fabiola has been replaced with Juliana Kanyomozi’s sister, Laura Kahunde, leaving the social media speculating on why she was no longer part of the cast.

A member of the production told PML Daily that Fabiola had angered the producers when she travelled without notice. Indeed, until early this month, the Bellaire face was in Namibia for the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), rubbing shoulders with the glitz and glamour of Namibian musicians, socialites and South Africans musicians.

She posted on her Twitter: “I love traveling. My second time in Namibia and it feels like home. I love this country #NAMAs2017.”

And, in a brief message to PML Daily, Fabiola explained that she had left the production because she just couldn’t get enough time to give the team her all.

“I quit NTV Second Chance because my busy schedule couldn’t permit me to commit to the project 100%,” she said, before confirming that she had been signed up with Talent Africa Group, which fits well with her current pursuit of featuring in commercials around the continent.

Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa

Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa





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