Tables change! Women on the rise in Uganda

Ms Rukshana Karmali, the daughter of deceased businessman Amarali Karmali

KAMPALA – African tradition and many other cultures across the world have for long upheld the male child as the worthy heir to his father’s property but that trend is slowly beginning to shift in favour of the girl child.

Following the recent succession of Ms. Rukshana Karmali, the daughter of deceased businessman Amarali Karmali, who was popularly known as Mukwano as the heir to her father’s massive wealth.

This and many other similar cases have opened up the debate on the potential of having female heirs to take over their deceased parents’ property and wealth.

Ms. Karmali is continuing her father’s legacy at Mukwano group of companies and according to employees of the giant conglomerate, she is doing a wonderful job of holding the vast business empire together.

Another recent example is the late former Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi’s heir, his daughter Rhoda Nakimuli Kassujja Nsibambi, is another female heir who has recently taken over the wealth of her deceased father.

Uganda is slowly bidding farewell to its patriarchal ways.

This is a vivid manifestation that women are not only doing things men can do, but are making bigger and better accomplishments.

Inheriting a wealthy estate comes with it’s a fair share of trials and tribulations it is perhaps much more demanding on a female heir as compared to her male counterparts.

It is also an expression of a generation of women who do not need godfathers neither do they have to sleep with their superiors in order to get what they want.

Bunyangabo Woman MP and State Minister for Gender and Equality, Hon. Peace Mutuuzo. (PHOTO/File)

Bunyangabo is a single county district with a female member of Parliament, Peace Mutuuzo who also doubles as the state Minister for Gender and Equality, quite an achievement for women.

This is a clear indication of the fact that women’s representation in parliament has also been greatly empowered.

With many prominent women like the Speaker of parliament, Honourable Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga in positions of so much power, there is hope that women will continue breaking the norm and shattering the patriarchal stumbling blocks all the way to the top.

Women have for sure taken themselves out of the kitchen and placed themselves at the table slicing the national cake and rubbing shoulders with the big male names in the corridors of power.

Executive Director of Oxfam International, Winnie Byanyima. (PHOTO/Net)

The Presence and efforts of women like Winnie Byanyima, an economist, Aeronautical Engineer and CEO of Oxfam Uganda, surely shows the potential and tremendous capabilities that women have showcased in Uganda.

Perhaps soon the country will have a potential female contender for the topmost position in the land, Presidency just like Hillary Clinton attempted in the USA.

Africa has already witnessed a female President in Sir Leaf Johnson who must have inspired a great generation of upcoming female powerhouses.

Parliament has grown bigger and more women have been elected in creating inspiration for the younger girls who are still in school.

Miss Africa, also former Miss Uganda (2018/19), Quinn Abenakyo speaks to parents and children at GirlChild education initiative recently in Adjumani. (PHOTO/ReachAHand)

Queen Abenakyo, the current miss World Africa who is also a well-accomplished outgoing Miss Uganda queen has been a big inspiration and role model to many Ugandans, both men and women following her victory at the International beauty pageant that saw her become the third, winning the miss Africa title.

It is a clear signal that women have taken on the mantle to become even International ambassadors who now represent Uganda and proudly fly our black, yellow and red striped flag across the globe.

The She Cranes finished 7th at the Netball World Cup.([PHOTO/Agencies)

The fire set by the females in Uganda including the She Cranes is still burning and the wave of women taking charge is not about to be extinguished anytime soon.

There is mass Sensitisation amongst Ugandan women as we saw them come together recently to fight for the rights of a fellow woman Teddy Bujjingo in marital strife with her husband, popular city Pastor, Bujjingo.

When it comes to men who founded schools that have withstood the test of time, the late Professor Lawrence Mukiibi, proprietor of St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges, was among the best.

Founded two decades ago, the schools are currently managed by his daughter Maria Justine Tulina and holds a big responsibility of ensuring that St Lawrence remains relevant in an increasingly competitive space.

This is a crystal clear manifestation of the fact that women in Uganda are on the rise and the patriarchal mentality is quickly dying out amongst Ugandans.

The end of the wave of women on the rise in Uganda currently is one that will never be seen.

Women’s achievements in the country could be discussed until all Indians go back to India.

Women have indeed transcended common perceptions and misconceptions in society and as the proverbial saying goes the sky is their only limit.

Compiled by Peace Ainembabazi



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