JUDITH OWEMBABAZI: With innovations, empowerment initiatives will make women real winners

Judith Owembabazi, the Housing Finance Bank head of Marketing and Product Development. (PML Daily PHOTO)

KAMPALA – As the world celebrates the International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8, with the Uganda National Celebrations at Bunyangabu District, Western Uganda, PML Daily spoke to Judith Owembabazi Muyinda, the Marketing and Sales Manager at Housing Finance Bank, who speaks out on innovations for the future. Housing Finance Bank has embraced technology for the future, with the bank focusing of easy access to services for special interest groups like women and the youth, to enhance their economic empowerment.

In your view what is the most significant achievement of the women empowerment initiatives and gender equality campaigns?

We are increasingly seeing more women in school, in different workplaces with all sorts of skills sets. I have seen women take off their stilettos to roof houses, fix cars, roads, and managing board affairs etc. I must say that these women are still a very small percentage compared to the actual women out there, but we must celebrate all our baby steps.

I also see deliberate action by institutions to employee women in all positions that were a priority a preserve for men. I see women taking the mantle as breadwinners and providers for their families, I see wives that are not afraid to support their husbands to achieve their dreams.

Sadly, I have also seen some women who have risen through this affirmative action, refuse to support the growth of other women by largely focusing on self and other personal agenda!!

I will not delve into celebration of individual female I know in the country, for I believe that every woman, every mother, every girl child is an icon and a beacon of hope in their home, school, workplace and community at large.

I don’t think that gender equality and Women empowerment is about women taking over from men, I firmly believe that our true achievement shall be measured when both women and men can respectfully work together to achieve a common goal.

What kind of innovations should Uganda adopt to empower women in order to achieve inclusiveness and sustainable development?

1)      Telecommuting: Women are mothers but most importantly multitaskers, they are fully capable of working at home and deliver full value to institutions that embrace this approach to work.

2)      Flexi hours: Women are fearfully and wonderfully made as the bible says. They are capable of applying themselves fully within stipulated times and thus can deliver on any mandate even within a shorter period of time!

3)      Cottage industries: Innovation in machinery and technology that support the growth of various cottage industries in the country, will not only boast women but the entire economy at large.


Judith Owembabazi is the head of Marketing and Product Development at Housing Finance Bank



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