Ziza Bafana working on big comeback

Ziza Bafana in studio

After his newest song,  Tuber -Closis, the Pomin pomin hit maker Ziza Bafana real names Richard Kasendwa has assured his music lovers that 2018 is his year to lead the industry.
Bafana has dropped this lyric as a way of showing his discontentment about thee on-going situation in the social, political and economic spheres in the country and it also indicates how people are suffering
without the help of the central government. Generally, the song attacks all traitors within our economy.
He further called for a unanimous effort to curb such a situation. On why he has been silent for the last couple of months, Bafana told PML Daily that he has been working on his latest album consisting of eight
songs that are recorded in different genres.



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