Animal-mad Rafsanjan brings NatGeo column to PML Daily

KAMPALA–Are you a nature freak? I mean do you have wildlife at heart?

Well you’re not alone – millions of people around the world, and yours truly, do, too.

I particularly love animals because of the crazy fascinating things they do. Things that are not easy to believe animals can do.

Almost all things that human beings do today – including flying and predicting the weather – animals have been doing them since the genesis. Birds tweeted millenniums ago. Animals were on social media long before man could even imagine the internet. Animals have been using herbs to treat themselves from ailments without having to first see Mama Fiina for diagnosis or prescription. They know what, where, when, why, who and how!

Animals have done a lot of amazing things. They have also done a lot of bad things. By the way, have you been to the animal fight club? A featherweight animal would shut Mayweather up for good! Some animals fight to the death. They have weapons of mass destruction and they also have dictators within their ranks. Like I said – at the risk of repeating myself – animals are incredible beings.

For every generation and its wonderful inventions and technology, humans have simply taken the cue from animals, and yet there are not many people with much knowledge about these fine-auto-tuned machines of nature.

That is why I am here to share some animal facts with you, on a weekly basis. Most of these facts will make you feel inferior to the animals but you can always take consolation from the scientific description of a human being as an animal.

Well, starting Monday July 17, – only on PML Daily online – I will be spitting animal facts for you in a weekly column called WILD AT HEART.

At Wild at Heart, we are going to help youngsters and inquiring adults understand various wildlife phenomena and the interrelated scheme of nature.

We will mainly focus on animals found in Uganda; animals you can decide to go see in the several national game parks across the country.

My job is cut out; I will employ an entertainment approach to hard scientific facts with each article focusing on a particular animal or topic in an exciting, yet simplistic manner.

Brace yourselves for some extraordinary animals and nature in general.

Of the sloth, the snail and Uganda police, which one is slower? Which animal would easily outrun Usain Bolt – if there was an antelope for a trophy? Which bird easily ‘out-tweets’ President Donald Trump. If Lewis Hamilton is doing 280km/h in his super-fast Mercedes Benz, which bird doesn’t give a hoot because it’s faster and more swaggerific? J Cole failed to sing Flavia Tumusiime into bed but one bird is a firm bet to melt this beauty’s heart?

Between the Lion and the Elephant, who is the true King of the Jungle and why?

The candidates for a great reading are so many.

From the most cunning to the shyest; the sex addicts; the best politicians; the dirtiest, name it, just make sure to look out for this column every Monday.

Because I am here to take care of your wildlife urge.

Who is Rafsanjan?

He is a nature freak. Animals, animals and animals… but nature is not all about animals and Rafsanjan certainly is deeper in there.

The former Daily Monitor society journalist has been on more dates with wildlife than he has had a girl’s knee run jelly.

Rafsanjan formerly worked with Uganda Broadcasting Agency as a presenter of The Celeb Shed and later another show Extreme Edge, before becoming the national broadcaster’s public relations manager.



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