Responsible business! NBL champions smart drinking for its customers

The staff of NBL and some of the stakeholders pose for a group photo on Friday at Kyadondo Rugby grounds (PHOTO/Abraham Mutalyebwa)

KAMPALA – In the bid to celebrate the Global Beer Responsible Day that is recognised all over the world. Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) a subsidiary of  ABInBev has frontlined the culture of smart drinking for its customers as they have fun and enjoy their beer.

It ran under the theme “Drink Smart Today, Celebrate Tomorrow” the event took place on Friday, September 13, at Kyadondo Rugby grounds.

The celebration attracted many stakeholders like; customers, distributors, media fraternity, students among others.

Speaking to PML Daily, Mr.Moses Musisi one of the long-serving brewers with over 20 years experience revealed some of the techniques of beer storage and gave explained beer processing stages from manufacturing to consuption.

“Let us keep the brand promise since customers do not expect any changes,” said Mr Musisi.

“We have numerous brands and they have come when they are perfectly worked on but they go through very many stages like sunshine, heat and aging that adversely affect the taste and quality,”  he added.

“Usually normal beer takes about 6 months due to failure to adhere to cautions the taste is greatly compromised for example it should not be put in a freezer and requires about ( 7-10) degrees,” he stated.

Mr.Onapito Ekomoloit, the legal and Corporate affairs encouraged the customers to have that culture of self-policing which is away from practicing and learning the Smart drinking.

He told the audience that beer is a living thing and music helps to romance beer.

Noman Musinga a senior Superintendent of  Police Noman and Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Commander said.

“I congratulate you on reaching this day! this is very important because I regard it as a platform to talk about responsible drinking and keeping safe. Most happen due to human errors which is behaviour which is a leading cause of accidents,” he said.

Mr.Thomas Kamphuis, the Country director Uganda and South Sudan signing on the pledge to show his commitment towards Smart drinking at Kyadondo (PHOTO/Abraham Mutalyebwa)

“We always see people dying on our roads and we need to drink without harming others. The law and Constitution defines the threshold should be lower than 0.35ml.  In 2018 there were 4 74( fatal), 2,065 ( Serious)  and 1,729 (minor) accidents in and the main cause of accidents is reckless driving associated with alcohol. We shall continue enforcing and maintaining visibility, deploy checkpoints and community sensitisation and that is why I never hesitate to come,”he added.

Mr. Thomas Kamphuis, the country director Uganda and Sudan said.

“We are proud of the beer and it is important to realise that society is part of our business and the abuse causes irresponsibility, that is the reason why once a year we bring stakeholders and eco-responsible smart drinking to remind them. We have invested over US D 125 million worldwide in promoting responsible drinking.”

Beenie Gunter perfomed some of his songs to set the mood, he rocked the show and was the life of the party.

There were display tents with agro raw materials such as; yeast, sugar, hops, sorghum, maize grits, pale malt,  local malt, black and barley which are vital ingredients in the brewing process.



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